Hello, so nice to have you here,

My name is Ilse Van Meerbeeck.  

If I should describe myself , I would say I’m very passionate about everything I do.  I do things with all of my heart, from painting to be a mother, from cutting hair to baking, from illustrating to cycling.  

I want to feel connected to the things I do.

I love nature, colors,  flowers, painting, homemade cake, herbal tea, cycling,…….. and lots and lots more.

I create patterns and illustrations in a very intuitive way, I like to connect with my inner voice and embrace the magic.  

My art makes me happy and joyful. I hope to give that same feeling to the people who buy it.

I also have my own little natural hair salon.  Here I work with natural herbal products and I create haircuts that suits your nature self. If you are local, check out my site De Haartuin

I’m a mother of 4 and since two years also a stepmom of 3 lovely girls. I enjoy our family of 9 as much as I enjoy painting, cycling, nature, colors or homemade cake. We are a happy little  (big) family in the north of Belgium.


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